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Angie Jolie

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    tempting idea, but crap?

    The universe is quantum mechanically. But no one understands quantum mechanics, as Feynman put it.
    On the one hand the pivotal role and accuracy of QM in describing nature. On the other hand the inability to interpret QM (1. quantum reality- what is a superposed state? 2. measurement problem- where and when does wave function collapse?) Often-told, but true story.

    What is consciousness? What is that non-physical and completely subjective “thing” called consciousness/ mind/ qualia? The mind-body problem, the oldest and greatest puzzle in all of philosophy and sciences. Again, we have no way of approaching it.

    1. Now, are the solutions to both problems related to each other?

    I know that has been proposed by some serious figures (Wigner, Penrose) and a lot of less serious people and got always rejected by the majority view. I also can’t see no connection, but found the idea always very tempting.

    2. Why do most people never heard of qm or the mind-body problem?
    Instead are more interested in who Angie Jolie is dating with?
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    Because Angelina Jolie is hot (sort of). Since we are all humans sex is a VERY big thing in the back of all of our minds. It comes down to people being emotional aboot a topic, and most people (including myself) don't like to think that hard, so no one wants to learn QM. I find it difficult to learn science, and math, and I love both of them! How much less inclined would anyone be to learn aboot them, if they don't even care aboot the topic @ hand?
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    I'll give you a chance to change the topic name...Angie Jolie is not quite appropriate for the title.
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    But it does attract readers...
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    How about Jessica Alba? Beyonce? Or is Haley Berry more appropiate?
    Whatever, tough rules here. But how do I change the topic name? Going to edit, rigth? And then???
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: you are great man :rofl:

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    yes i am;;;besides isn't she dating Brad Pitt now ?

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    It attracts readers because she is hawt!...

    @ marlon: I think that was a marketing gimmick for their new movie ;)...she only likes 'em old lol.
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