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Homework Help: Angle and component problem

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    Hi! I reallyreallyreally need ur help with this.

    ex.1 XBdOE.jpg
    To find the vertical and horizontal components of the force mg, I need to use the given angle [itex]\beta[/itex]. The problem is I dont know how to use it. I have tried to use the corresponding angles postulate. But I cant make it to work. How should I think to find the components?

    ex2. UDqa8l.jpg
    Its the same thing here. I dont know how to think so I can use the given angle [itex]\beta[/itex] to calculate the components of mg.

    Im sorry for my bad english but I hope you will understand what I want to ask.

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    Hi Muffin and welcome to PF.

    There is a geometry theorem that says that two angles that have their sides mutually perpendicular are equal. Do you see two lines that are mutually perpendicular to the sides that form the given angle β?
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    I think I understand now. Thank you so much!!:smile:
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