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Homework Help: Angle and Triangles

  1. Feb 28, 2007 #1
    THis isn't exactly a question however, its a method my teacher talked to me about and I don't quite understand.

    This is a way of getting greater accuracy, and attaining the higher grades.

    The question states, tan(angle) = 3/4
    So instead of using tan^-1 (3/4) to get the angle with many digits, round it off and losing accuracy, she said:

    Drawing the triangle out results in:
    Using pythag you can work out the other side.

    Now you have:
    sin(angle) = 3/5
    cos(angle) = 4/5

    I have worked out the statement:
    2Tsin(angle) = 3mg

    However, how do I apply what was attained from the triangle to this question?
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