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Angle of Deviation

  1. May 12, 2004 #1
    I have to design an experiment to fidn how the angle of deviation of a light ray depends upon the angle between two mirrors. I've found what the angle of deviation is (change in velocity experienced by a light ray after one or more refractions) but I don't know how to create an experiemtn using only mirrors instead of a prism. The equipment I can use is a ray box and 2 mirrors as the equipment for the experiment. Can someone give me an idea of how I can go about doing this experiment? Any links or information is grealty appreciated
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    Sorry girl... ur screwed... there is no such thing as an angle of deviation in regards to reflection. If it is, it is just a basis of theory, because light does not change direction, but rather new light is created. I have to say, you teacher is crap, as this experiment does not make sense. What exactly are you trying to find out? This experiment does not proove or justify anything. You're teacher must be some stupid asian idiot like mine. lol. nah really... i'm just screwing with you.... i don't know ****.... ha ha ha ha :biggrin:
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