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Angle, Side, Angle

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    References for god in numbers

    I have been hearing a lot of talk around my campus at UTA about irrational numbers proving the rationality if you will about God. PI, Phi, episilon etc.

    Anyone know any references or sites that I can check out to learn more.

    Would love to hear everyone elses opinion to.

    BTW: This post was originally a mistake so I edited it with a valid question that I was going to ask.

    BTW2: This probably belongs in Philosophy
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    IMO any irrational number, such as Pi, is but abstractly derived and can be expressed as a rational number....but there has been some arguement over that.
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    As you wish! *whoosh*

    BTW, you might want to edit the title to be something more descriptive.
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    Just one janitor's opinion--


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    Tom Mattson

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    "Rational" and "Irrational" are mutually exclusive. What you are claiming is that "X AND ~X" is true, and it is not.

    Not in any journal I have heard of.
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    There are explicit proofs posted online to show that pi can NOT be expressed as a rational number. Google pi irrational. And in MY humble opinion, everyone who wants to talk about this subject should first memorize the classic proof that [tex] \sqrt {2} [/tex] cannot be equal to a rational number p/q in lowest terms.
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