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Homework Help: Angles of Reflection of Light

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    (SOLVED) Calculator Entry ErrorAngles of Reflection of Light

    A ray of light strikes a flat 2.00 cm thick block of fused quartz (n = 1.458) at an angle of θ = 27.0° with the normal (Fig. P22.18). Trace the light beam through the fused quartz and find the angles of incidence and refraction at each surface.

    Snell's Law=n1sintheta1=n2sintheta2

    Since the ray of light began in air, I used 1*sin(27)=1.458*sin(x) and solved but my TI-89 gave me 360*@n6+.449605 which makes no sense to me. Could I get some guidance please?
    I have to find the angles as it enters and leaves the quartz
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    is your calculator in degree mode?
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