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Angles on the celestial sphere

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    Given the right ascension and declination of two objects in the sky. Is there a way to calculate the angle between them?

    If so, do right ascension and declination need to be converted to radians or can they retain their units?
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    the formula to measure the angle between 2 objects on the sky given their positions is;

    [tex]\cos\theta = \cos{\delta_1}cos{\delta_2}\cos(\alpha_1-\alpha_2) + \sin{\delta_1}\sin{\delta_2}[/tex]

    where [tex]\delta_1[/tex] and [tex]\delta_2 [/tex] are the declinations in degrees or radians and [tex]\alpha_1[/tex] and [tex]\alpha_2[/tex] are the right-acsensions in radians or degrees.
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    Thank you much.
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