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Anguished English

  1. Apr 27, 2003 #1
    I highly recommend this book, and it's sequel (More Anguished English), to anyone who likes a good laugh.

    The writer has taken a bunch of bloopers from children's and adults' school papers, or other such papers and put them together in an ingenius way. For example, there is a section about History, which takes the bloopers from many History papers (by eighth grade-college level students!) and makes them into an utterly different set of events. Here is an excerpt from that "History" section:

    There is much, much, more in this book, and I think pretty much everyone with a sense of humor will enjoy it.
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    If you liked Anguished English you'd probably like the Joy of Lex. It includes everything from simple wordplay to cunning conundrums, from Malaprope to Yogi Berra.
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    Thanks, I'll look for that one.
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