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Homework Help: Angular acceleration help

  1. Nov 27, 2006 #1
    i havent been able to figure this one out... i have trouble following the explantion from my instructor. thanks for any help in advance

    A rigid object consists of a point mass of 2 kg momentarily located at (-3, 2) m with a force of (6, 2) N acting on it, a second point mass of 3 kg momentarily at (6, -2) m with a force of (3, -4) N acting on it, and a third point mass of 1 kg momentarily at (-2, -5) m with a force of (5, 5) N acting on it. Suppose this rigid three-particle object can only rotate about an axis passing through the origin and perpendicularly the x y plane. (This means the axis also exerts forces on our rigid object.) What is the angular acceleration of our rigid object about this axis?
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    would the answer be in rad/s squared?
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    Yes it would. What do you know about the angular motion of rigid bodies that pivot on a fixed axis?
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