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Homework Help: Angular acceleration of a skater

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    I need help with the following problem.

    A skater does a pirouette at the rate of 2.0 rev / second and then stop within 3/4 rev. Assume that the angular decceleration is constant and calculate its magnitude.

    I tried to compute it but I found -18 rad/s2.
    BUt the textbook gives -17 rad/s2.
    Please can someone help me with this problem?

    Thank you
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    brad sue,
    [tex]\omega^2 \ = \ {\omega^2}_o \ + \ 2\alpha \ \Delta\theta[/tex]
    The rotational equivalent of
    [tex]v^2 \ = \ {v^2}_o \ + \ 2as[/tex]
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    What formula did you use to compute 18 rad/s2?

    What is the angular analogy to v2 = vo2 + 2ax?

    The 17 rad/s would be rounded.
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    Yes the -17 has been rounded.
    Thank you very much you all..

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