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Angular distriubution of muon flux

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    Hello physics enthusiasts,

    I am currently trying to estimate the effects of the muon flux on an experimental setup located overground. In particular I am interested in the angular distribution with which they are impinging.

    Sofar I have had problems even finding a simple muon energy spectrum (at creation in the atmosphere as well as at sea-level). As to the angular distribution, I have found this http://cosmic.lbl.gov/SKliewer/Cosmic_Rays/Muons.htm" [Broken] which only makes the naive calculation based on the assumption that the attenuation and path lenghts of the muons are directly proportional. This I don't really understand, as I would expect the muon decaying to contribute with something like [tex]N(x) = N_{0}e^{\lambda x}[/tex], x being the path length and lambda related to the life time of the muon. Additionally muons might simply be stopped by EM interactions after a certain path length, but this effect would depend strongly on the energy spectrum.

    I'm confident these inquiries have been made before but I can't seem to find anything usefull - I would be much obliged for some pointers.

    Best regards :)
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