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Homework Help: Angular Frequency Problem

  1. Dec 11, 2009 #1
    A uniform plank of mass 2.0kg and length 1.0m is pivoted at one end
    in a horizontal plane. It is supported at the other end by a spring with
    k = 1000 N/m . What is the angular frequency of small oscillations? It m
    may interest you to know that the moment of inertia of a uniform rod about its end is 1/3*M(L^2) where M is the mass and L is the length.

    Tried to find Angular frequency by using angular momentum but I didn't find a suitable way to do it. Any suggestions?

    The answer is 39s^-1
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    use T=(2*3.14(I/mgr)^(1/2))
    r is the distance from center of mass
    Then inverse T to calculate the value of f.
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