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Homework Help: Angular Momentum Commutator

  1. May 8, 2008 #1
    Do the Hamiltonian (H) and the z-component of angular momentum (L_z) commute?
    [H, L_z]=0

    H = [(-(hbar)^2/2m) dell^2] + V(r, theta, phi)
    where dell is the gradient, and V is the potential

    L_z = -i(hbar)(d/d phi)
    where d is actually a partial derivative

    I know how to find a commutator : [H,L_Z] = H*L_z - L_z*H
    but i'm having trouble working through it in spherical coordinates (which my problem calls for)
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    Take a math handbook and look for Laplace operator in spherical coordinates. Then use the rule that derivative with recpect to fi commutes with derivatives with respect to other variables.
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    If V is a function of phi, H won't commute with L_z.
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    it depends on what kind of H you have.

    When one have operators that contais derivatives, one usally lets the commutatur act on a test function, i.e :

    [tex] [A,B]\psi(\vec{x}) = A(B\psi(\vec{x}))-B(A\psi(\vec{x})) [/tex]
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    I have been using a test function but everything keeps canceling out and i don't think its suppose to
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    just use a general test function, denote it [itex] \psi(r, \phi, \theta) [/itex]

    Show how you did, and use Lojzek's hint to use the laplacian in spherical coordinates
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    1. On what single spherical coordinate variable does Lz depend?

    2.Does the KE depend on this variable?

    3. Can a potential depend on this variable?

    There is no need to use a test function; you are dealing with operators in the same fashion as with the commutator of p and q.

    Reilly Atkinson
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    [tex]HL_z \approx H\frac{\partial}{\partial \phi}[/tex]

    what is the derivative operator acting on if you don't have a test function?
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