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Angular momentum of a cone

  1. Oct 18, 2005 #1
    Thanks to everyones help i was able to understand the center of mass of a cone. Now i have to find the angular momentum along the z-axis

    as i understand the angular momentum will change as the radius gets larger because the larger radius must spin faster .

    H = height of cone

    so the angular momentum = integral from 0 to H of Iw

    thats as far as my thinking goes

    if anyone could give me a hint it would be appreciated
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    Mass of cone is integral of the "mass density" within the volume.
    center-of-mass uses the same "mass density" and volume limits,
    but multiplying the volume element by its location.
    Rotational Inertia is the same mass density and same limits,
    but multiplies the volume element by r^2 from the axis.
    (the omega is the same for all points on the rigid body.)
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