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Homework Help: Angular Momentum/Rotation Problem

  1. Apr 5, 2005 #1
    A uniform billiard ball with radius R= 7.00 cm rests on a billiard table. At one moment, the ball received a hit from the horizontal direction. Hit point is h above the center of the ball. Then, the ball begins to move with a velocity V0= 15.0 m/s. The kinetic coeffient between table and the slipping ball is 0.214. In order that the ball can roll without slipping with a speed V= 14.10 m/s, what the value of h should be?

    I'm stumped on this one, I tried several different ways, all of which the computer tells me is wrong. But the numbers I got didn't make any sense anyway. Any ideas?
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    How about you post yours...?To see where they went wrong.

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