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Homework Help: Angular momentun

  1. Apr 17, 2007 #1
    a 2-kg partical moves at a constant speed of 4.5 m/s along a stright line. what is the magnitude of its angular momentum about a point 6 m from the line?

    ok...so i really don't know what they mean by 'the partical is travling in a stright line about a point 6m away from the line'

    doesn't angular momentum imply that the partical is travling in a circular path?

    so i attemped this and L=Iw

    w=rv and if the partical is travling about a point 6 m away, then the r should be 6

    so L=Irv

    but now for I...i don't know what to use becuase i am not sure how the partical is moving

    but if it is moving in a cirlce as i think it should I=(2/3)mr^2

    please help me to picture this problem
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    You'll want to use the definition of angular momentum L=m*(rxv), where x is the cross product. Review this formulation for noncircular motion.
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