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Homework Help: Angular Montion Question

  1. Mar 17, 2009 #1
    Question is

    A problem has arisen in teh goods yard where a large container is required to be pulled along a makeshift alipway. The container has a mass of 1.5tonne and is pulled along the horizontal slipway at an acceleration of 0.9m/s² by a rope wound around a winding drum. The resistance to motion of the container is equivalent to a coefficient of friction 0.6. The winidng drum hasa mass of 0.5 tonne, outside diameter 1m and radius of gyration of 0.3m. The drum has a resistance couple of 200Nm acting on it. Find teh torque required by the motor of teh winidng drum?

    I have so far:

    Q(Anglaur acceleration, cant get right sybol)

    500x0.3² =45kgm²


    =1.8 rad/s²

    p=ma + f

    (1500x0.9) + 0.6

    (45x1.8)+(1350x0.6x0.5) +200

    That correct?

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    Bikerz: Wouldn't the friction force be F = 0.6*m*g, not 0.6? Try it again.
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    Ah yes cheers. 810N


    Im rubbish at taking notes, scribble down as fast as I can go to keep up.
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