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Angular power? :/

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    Ok if something is affected by a force over a distance work is being done on the something, W = F * d

    what about torques?

    is something moving with an angular velocity affected by a force, effected by power? Or is it called something else?
    T = F * l (armlength)
    W = F * l * d
    P = F * l * w (angular velocity?

    Not too familiar with English physics but still, should be understandable.
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    Work has angular counterparts to the linear concepts just like many other kinematics ideas.

    [tex]W = F*d = T \theta[/tex]

    [tex]P = F*V = T \omega[/tex]
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    I knew it, thanks :)

    Some dude made fun of me in class for using that and even the teacher questioned it, silly people.
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