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Angular size-redshft relation

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    The angular size-redshift relation has always looked like an interesting way to test cosmological ideas since the L-CDM model predicts this apparently strange behaviour for redshifts higher than around z=1.6, but sadly is plagued with technical difficulties arisin mainly from these very high redshifts. I recently read something (Gurvits 1998) but it's quite dated and it was rather inconclusive with several observations outside the values predicted by the L-CDM model. Perhaps someone knows about more recent observations the shed light about this issue. Thanks.
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    The lack of observational data in accordance with the predicted increase in angular size for objects with z>1.5 is one of the many weak points of the CDM model but you won't find much information about it in this forum since they tend to ignore anything that doesn't support the standard view.
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