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Angular Speed of a car wheel

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    A car wheel turns through 277 degrees in 10.7 s. Calculate the angular speed of the wheel.

    Well, i know the Angular Accelereartion is equal to the change in angular velocity divided by the time required to make that change.

    So should i first convert 277 degrees to radians?.. which is 277/180pie. I guess i'm not even sure where to begin right now.
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    you're forgetting a simple equation:

    [tex] \omega = \Theta / t [/tex]
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    Yes,as andrewchang said. All you are finding is a speed, which is equivelent to s = d / t (speed equals distance divided by time). In your case, however, you are using degrees.

    Hope this helped.
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    wow, thanks. That should help me greatly.
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