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Angular spring momentum and torque

  1. Jan 30, 2007 #1
    I'm having trouble in understanding the implementation part of angular springs for my mass spring particle systems. What I understand so far is:

    i) use normals at particles (nodes) to extract the rest angle
    ii) any change of angle during dynamic simulation will produce torque
    iii) from the torque, constrant force is produced from force=Torque/(node position)
    iv) somehow use this force to influence the behaviour of the nodes together with the spring constant and damping

    My problem is:
    i) how to calculate Torque using the angles and angular velocity?
    ii) how to calculate angular velocity? is it (current angle - previous angle)/time?
    iii) how does all this reach to the equilibrium or rest state with the conserved rest angle?

    I'm so confused. I would appreciate it if I can be directed to any published materials or are there anyone who are familiar with this problem area.

    Please help.

    Sylvester (UK):frown: :cry:
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