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Angular velocity of a ball

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    A ball of mass 0.25kg is whilred around in a horizontal circle on the end of a string of the length 0.03m, and completes 5 revolutions per second

    what is the angular velocity of the ball?

    is it right to use

    angular velocity = 2 pi F

    giving me a answer of 31.4 ms
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    What are units of angular velocity?
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    The angular velocity (usually denoted omega, lower case) is equal to (2*Pi)/T

    Where T is equal to the period in seconds. The units for angular velocity are thus not metres per second, but radians per second.

    Multiplying omega by r (radius) gives velocity in metres per second. Or, if you want to be precise and since the velocity is vectorial, but changing direction, you get speed.
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