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Angular Velocity of a centrifuge

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    An astronaut is being tested in a centrifuge. The centrifuge has a radius of 10.5 m and, in starting, rotates according to Θ(theta) = 0.13t^2, where t in seconds gives Θ in radians. When t = 5.0 s, what are the astronaut's angular velocity?
    What is the astronauts linear speed?
    What is the astronauts tangential acceleration (magnitude only)?
    What is the astronauts radial acceleration (magnitude only)?
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    By deriving:

    [tex] \theta(t) = .13t^2 [/tex] <-- Position Function
    [tex] \omega(t) = .26t [/tex] <-- Velocity Function
    [tex] \alpha(t) = .26 [/tex] <-- Acceleration Function

    Find the angular accelerations and speeds, then think of a relationship between the angular accel/speed and linear accel/speed using the given informaiton.
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