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Homework Help: Angular velocity of midpoint

  1. Jan 23, 2006 #1
    does anybody knows how to find the angular velocity of the midpoint of a bar??

    pls help.........
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  3. Jan 23, 2006 #2
    I think you're going to have to provide additional information...
  4. Jan 23, 2006 #3
    no,let say the angular velocity of a bar is given but what is the angular velocity of the midpoint of the bar itself
  5. Jan 23, 2006 #4
    i would say that the midpoint has the same angular velocity.
  6. Jan 23, 2006 #5
    A single point can't have angular velocity about itself, can it? (assuming the "midpoint" is also the pivot point)
  7. Jan 23, 2006 #6
    I do believe that for a rigid body, the angulare velocity is the same for all points on the body.
  8. Jan 23, 2006 #7
    But the center point is not moving, so it has no angular velocity. I guess it doen't really matter since the point has no mass.
  9. Jan 23, 2006 #8
    I think that the axis, which runs through the point of rotation, will be rotating, although since r = o, it will have no tangential velocity.
  10. Jan 23, 2006 #9
    actually, the center point is moving. it just happens to be spinning in the same place.
  11. Jan 23, 2006 #10
    the centre point moves
  12. Jan 23, 2006 #11
    A point can't "spin." A very, very small object can, but not a point.
  13. Jan 23, 2006 #12
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  14. Jan 23, 2006 #13
    this is a stupid argument :tongue2:

    i thought id enter it, but... nah...
  15. Jan 23, 2006 #14
    i agree... i think i'll stop now.
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