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Homework Help: Angular velocity problem

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    Can someone please help me with this problem:

    You are swinging a mass at the ned of a string contained in a vertical plane. The length of the string is r. The mass moves just enough to complete hte circle. The motion is a constant total energy and we take the sense of rotation as positive.
    a) Find the angular velocity at the points where A is right at the top at the tip of the circle, B is 90 degress down, C is 90 degrees further, and D 90 degress further than that.
    b) Find the angular acceleration at these four points and include the sign with the answers.
    c) Calculate hte magnitude of the linear acceleration of the mass at each of the four points. Note the mutually perpendicular vector components.
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    Someone may be willing to help -- provided you showed some of your own work first.
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