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Homework Help: Angular Velocity Vector

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    The problem has a picture of a rod on a 3 dimensional coordinate system and gives the measurements.

    The rod rotates around the line joining each of the two endpoints with a constant angular velocity of 12 rad/s.

    The problem has you do things in steps, first finding the components in x, y, and z and then the unit vectors in x, y, and z - both simple to do. Next, it asks for the angular velocity vector of the rod??? It wants the answer in radians/seconds.

    The closest equations I can find to helping are v= w X r or w= derivative of theta / dt

    Thanks for any insight.
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    Hi Louie, and welcome to PF.

    You know the magnitude of the angular velocity. To find the direction, remember that it's perpendicular to both the direction of v and r.
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