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Angular velocity

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    This is my first contact and please excuse my limited knowledge of physics.
    see attached sketch.
    If the steel plate is moved along the steel table in direction A at a given velocity, what is the formula for the angle to achieve maximum velocity of the wood block in direction B.

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    Im assuming that you have a basic knowledge of calculus.

    If you assume that the plate moves in the direction A with a velocity v, then the block moves with a velocity [tex]vcos(\theta)[/tex] along the plank in the downward direction.

    The projection of this velocity along the B and A direction is [tex]vcos\thetasin\theta[/tex] and [tex]vcos\thetacos\theta[/tex]

    Differentiate this expression wrt [tex]\theta[/tex] and equate to zero to get max value.

    Otherwise, you can find the max value of Vb using trig.
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