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Anhydrous Chloride Salts

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    Hi, first post!
    OK my question is regarding the synthesis of metal halides, specifically those of Chlorine.
    If i pass a dry stream of HCl(g) over a bed of heated Al foil will this be an acceptable route to the anhydrous salt? I am thinking of generating the hydrogen chloride from conc H2SO4 dripped into HCl acid, passing the gas through CaCl2, then into a large erlynmeyer flask (on a hot plate) containing Al foil with a second tube leading the excess gas out under a fume hood. I want the foil to be heated hot enough to react with the HCl gas but not so hot that the whole thing will react in 2 seconds (like the videos on the net)
    Would my proposed method work? will the aluminium slowly convert to the salt, or will i need to lead the AlCl3 vapour into another cold flask in order for it to condense?
    Any help appreciated :D
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    Yeah, this sounds more or less like it'll work although I've never tried it. I'd been interesting in hearing how it works if you attempt this experiment.

    This might be of use to you. It's out of my library:

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