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Medical Animal Behavior

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    A Very basic and simple thing I don't know for sure: Would you please tell me if an animal(including men) has instinct behaviors when itis stimulated ? Thank you
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    ??????? :confused: :confused:
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    How about when a newborn mammal (including humans) suckles a nipple for the first time to drink milk. That isn't taught, it's instinctual. Stimulation? .. hunger.
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    Animals have a whole array of instinctual behaviour. It's harder as you go up the evolutionary misnomed ladder because young start off with fewer instincts and learn more. Humans are the worst of the lot.

    But they do have instincts, even newborn:
    - as Quabache points out: suckling is one.
    - their hands will grip if something is placed in them
    - they will cry when hungry or uncomfortable
    - if you are holding a baby properly and you let its head drop, its arms will fling upwards in a instinctual "save the head" move
    - they will hold their breath and swim when immersed in water
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    Of course! Nobody has taught to a baby that it must cry to get its needs met.

    For a less trivial example: it has been shown that newborn chicks would be scared and run for safety when shown the shapes of birds of prey whereas they would not if shown shapes of non threatening birds. Somehow, the fear of a bird of prey is hard wired in their brains.
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