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Animal Ethics

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    I need to hear your opinions on this video:

    http://www.meat.org/index-1.asp?c=gwtdba0410 (staff edit: warning, video is very graphic)

    streaming is slow so download and watch it;

    Until we make remarkable advances in nanotechnology and genetically modified food such that you would obtain the meat without the suffering., people need to be fed. We are by nature, animals ourselves. But just because we have a higher consciousness doesn't make it immoral for us to eat in order to survive:


    Then what is to say about anti-abortionists?
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    I think the abortion topic is completely separate from your original topic suggested.

    I could only watch the first few minutes of that video. Since March, I have stopped eating any meat except fish mostly for health reasons, but also because of the way animals are raised for food. For my children I don't change their diet because of the choice I have made for my diet because I have the obligation to ensure they have nutrition they need.

    Don't know much about genetically modified food. I believe that if a person eats healthy and wholesome, they will eat less overall. Obesity in America is so rampant because ultimately I believe we never "get full" on junk food. Just my opinion on that as I am extremely health and food conscious.
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    How close are we to growing meat in a lab? :D
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    What Paul is trying to portray is no different from anti-abortionist protest arguments 'that all life is precious' but he does it a more rigour -although it is a very limited perception. No.

    The concern then is dealing with overpopulation of the planet with limited resources.
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    You can't replace good meat. You can tell when the animal is slaughtered improperly. You can taste the fear. Fear ruins meat.
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    Which makes me wonder; have there been any studies with obesity associated 'fattening' the chickens?
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    When did we start keeping statistics on obesity? Not that long ago.

    I can't say that I've ever gone into a study, can you? Who are they sampling?

    I was thinking yesterday, I haven't seen anyone fat where I live. Dont see fat people where I shop.

    I mean, I *have* seen *obese* people, It's just that I dont see them very often, and they are not from my neighborhood.

    I think you see more obese people in low income areas. My mother used to tell me that poor people were fat because cheap food is fattening. I've found that to be true.
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    I see.

    http://www.who.int/dietphysicalactivity/publications/facts/obesity/en/ [Broken]

    My real concern is with the growth hormone injected into chickens and what effect they may have on humans.
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    I personally think we Americans like our portions and frequency of meat. If the saying, "You are what you eat" is true, then eating "fattened chickens" could be a hazard to our health.
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    This is standard PETAporn.

    Ironically, one of the reasons for the rise in vegetarianism is that people in industrialized nations don't have to prepare their own food, and the only contact most have with animals is with their pets.

    Fact, we are not herbivores, we don't have the plumbing.
    Fact, all things die, not eating meat will not prevent that.
    Fact, while factory farms may seem grotesque to some sensibilities, death in the wild can be much more brutal and painful.

    I think we have a responsibility to kill our food in the most sustainable and compassionate way possible, but our first concern about food should be that it is healthy. And I think that is a much bigger problem.
    Right to lifers always have the same arguments, PETA and the Anti-abortionists are self-righteous hypocrites.
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    I kind of agree with the slogan "You shouldn't eat what you can't kill". Everyone should go to the nearest farm and if you can't cut a chicken's throat, don't eat it.
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    Good points.
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