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Animal verbal communication via computers

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    Some humans with brain damage lose the ability to talk but still understand speech and often can write or type their thoughts but cannot seem to get the words to form in speach. I figure the difficulty getting primates to communicate outside of sign language is the lack of the specialized functions humans have to make verbal speech. Research on two communal fossorial rodent species (Richardson Ground Squirrels and Gunnison Prairie Dogs) has shown that both species have a complex verbal language that contains the equivalent of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs that is used to describe the activities of intruders to a colony while those listening are hiding and cannot see without endangering themselves. My idea is to use computers to interact with captive groups of rodent species that have such vocal habits so vocal interactions with computers becomes a daily part of life and can be taught to young by their mother and fellow colony members. I am posting to see if anyone knows of animal verbal communication research outside of primates and marine animals and the two rodent species mentioned above.
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