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Ann coulter?

  1. Mar 21, 2006 #1
    I read this article to Ann Coulter:


    Actually Sirhan Sirhan is not Muslim, he is a Palestinian Christian from christian family. :bugeye:

    I wonder how such ignorant women became a great thinker in USA. It seems the easiest way to be rich, popular and have a lot of supporters in USA is to insult the Arab and Islam even by fake stories and lies. :rolleyes:
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    When did she become one of the great thinkers of the US?
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    I doubt she's really considered a great thinker by the majority of Americans. Perhaps by a majority of conservative Americans, but most Americans aren't conservative.
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    Who said she is a great thinker? She is merely expressing an opinion and it appears, after reading her op-ed, you are correct at pointing out her mistake. That is the trap you sometimes fall into when talking about racial profiling. (You tend to lump all Arab looking people with Muslims). I'm not sure whether, if this was an op-ed taken off of her personal web-page, it was subject to a rigorous fact-checking that you normally see if it goes through an editor.
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    Bilal, this is the same lady that went on the candian news program thinking that Canada sent troops in the vietnam war, when in fact they didn't. I would not give her opinions much weight. There good when you are in need of a laugh.
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    In fact several thousand Canadians fought in Vietnam after joining the US military.
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    Yah but they were in the US military. She said Canada sent troops of their own.
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    rofl. If I wanted Bimbo TV Id probably just watch MTV or BET
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    Not even a majority of conservative Americans, unless you are reserving the title "conservative" for only those on the extreme, far right (depending on perspective, folks from some other countries would argue we're ALL conservative).

    Bilal, it's not uncommon to find factual errors in Ann Coulter's writing. And she is not considered a "great American thinker" by much of anyone. At best, people find her writing humorous. Please do not take her writing as representative in any way of the opinions of more than a small percentage of Americans.

    This is also being moved from P&WA to General Discussion. While Ann Coulter writes about political topics, discussion about her is not politics.
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    Don't forgret VH1 and the WB
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