Annoying error message popups

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In summary, the conversation is about dealing with annoying pop-up ads that appear through the Microsoft Messenger service. The original poster asks if anyone else has experienced this issue and whether sending an email to the creators of the ads could result in harmful consequences. Other users suggest turning off the messenger service or using a program like Adaware to get rid of the ads. One user recommends using a program called Sneakemail to send emails from ISP accounts, and another suggests using the Google toolbar for IE which includes a built-in pop-up blocker. The conversation ends with a discussion about the effectiveness of pop-up blockers and the potential issues they can cause.
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Idont know if this is the right place for this, but it looked like it and I didnt see another thread of this sort, so here it goes.

Has anyone else had to deal with those annoying error message popups? Supposedly, the get to me through microsoft messanger service. Or at least [Broken] claims so. Here is the really annoying part, I go to their website, where they claim this type of advertising is illeagal. But 90% of these adds I get are from THOSE FU@#*RS! So I emailed them , asking about this. From my isp account. Probably a stupid move, are they going to mail bomb me now? Does anyone know a way to deal with this, other than buying their crap or using linux (or not going online obviously) ?
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I don't quite understand where your problem is.
But if you problem is in sending an email from your ISP's account, consider using next time.
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You are talking about messenger service pop-ups, that appear as windows alert boxes.

Turn of your messenger service. To do so (if you are running w2k of xp), go Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Find the messenger service in the list. Change the Startup type to manuel and then click "stop" to stop the service.

That should take care of it.
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Or another way to do it : (on Windows based on NT tech. (NT,2000,XP))

Net Stop Messenger

Done !
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Thanks STAii and Considering , that's all I needed, and it was super easy! I hate messing around with windows, you never know when it could blow up on you.
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If the popups come shortly after you go online then there is a chance that you have some ad software that has placed itself in your computer. Download a program called ad-aware and run it. This program searchs your system including your registry for ad software and eliminates it.

I think this could solve your problem.
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Yes I have Adaware already, its great. It god rid of some crap I couldn't get rid of for months, that was driving me crazy.
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the free popup stopper i downloaded from cnet can not stop popup, why?
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The new google toolbar for IE has a built in pop-up stopper, very nice working!
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Originally posted by tomas
The new google toolbar for IE has a built in pop-up stopper, very nice working!

Just got it myself and second that.
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I've not tried in a while, but I always have problems with popup stoppers. Seems they stop anything that wants to open in a new window. Some even mess up framed websites.

Is the one you speak of any better?

What causes annoying error message popups?

Annoying error message popups can be caused by various factors such as software bugs, corrupted files, outdated software, or issues with the computer's hardware or operating system. They can also be triggered by user error, such as entering incorrect information or attempting to perform an action that the software does not support.

How can I prevent annoying error message popups?

To prevent annoying error message popups, it is important to keep your software and operating system up to date, regularly scan for viruses and malware, and properly maintain your computer's hardware. It is also helpful to carefully read and follow instructions when using software and to double check any information or actions before submitting or executing them.

Why do error message popups keep appearing even after I close them?

This could be due to a persistent error or bug that is causing the error message to continuously appear. It could also be caused by a setting in the software that is set to display error messages repeatedly until the issue is resolved. It is best to troubleshoot the underlying issue causing the error message and resolve it to prevent the popups from reappearing.

Can I disable or turn off error message popups?

In some cases, it may be possible to disable or turn off error message popups in the software's settings. However, it is important to note that error messages are often important indicators of issues that need to be addressed. Disabling them may prevent you from identifying and resolving potential problems in the future.

How can I report annoying error message popups to the software developers?

If you continue to experience annoying error message popups, it is helpful to report them to the software developers. This can usually be done through the software's website or support page. Providing detailed information about the error, such as when it occurred and any actions that were taken before it appeared, can help the developers identify and fix the issue.

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