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Annubar test facilities

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    Hi all,

    I am a gradaute mechanical engineer currently working on a fire water system for the surface area of coal mine in central queensland, this includes selecting fire water pumps, designing hydrant locations, and emergency sprinkler requirements for buildings. My question was regarding annubar testing facilites and their requirement in fire water systems.

    I have a basic understanding of what they are and how they function, they are similar to your average pitot tube and measure the flow of fluid by measuring the difference between static pressure and flowing pressure. My research into this area has indicated that these test rigs/facilities will need to be included in the fire system however I cannot find standards specifically relating to them.

    Can anyone help me by pointing me to a reference or standard (preferably australian standard) that indicates where these facilities need to be placed in a fire system. Also if any one knows what sort of provisions would need to be included in specifying pipework and valves to include annubar facilities would be much appreciated.
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