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Anod Katod BLAH

  1. May 11, 2009 #1
    Anod Katod BLAH!!

    On my paper it says reduction happens on the positiv pole and oxidation on the negative pole.

    it also says that the anod is connected to the positive pole and the the katod to the negative pole.

    then it says that an oxidation happens on the anod and reduction on the katod.

    is my paper wrong?
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    Re: Anod Katod BLAH!!

    Your paper is good. Is some part of it confusing you?

    Reduction Occurs at the Cathode - the rest is then easily determined.

    Notice, the trick is the R and the C are consonants, while the "O" and the "A" are vowels - Oxidation occurs at the Anode.
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    Re: Anod Katod BLAH!!


    If reduction happens on the cathode (by definition), and if cathode is negative, how can reduction happen on the positive?
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