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Anodization at 100V

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    Hi to everyone, actually i 'm conducted an experiment in fabrication of nanotubes layer in metal by anodization that varies with voltage, when my last sample undergo an anodization at 100 V the electrolyte heat up and started to spume.. my adviser ask me what happen to the last sample? then i answered that it because of high voltage.. that correspond to high power.. that results to heat... (the main reason on spuming) but he doubted, he said it's something about the chemical reaction of the anodization.. please tell me what happen on chemical reaction in anodization thank you.
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    Hi ralden. The word "spume" is used very little in everyday English. Most people won't understand what you mean. Can you describe it more clearly and using some other words?

    Were you anodizing aluminium sheet?
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    Sorry for the term i think the better word is "boil" ... i anodized Titanium foil
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    What was the current? That's how you'll know what the power was.
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    12 volts is better for aluminum. Titanium too. The clips used in commercial anodizing of aluminum parts are titanium clips. They never get too much coating. With Ti it happens quickly too.
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