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anomalous distribution of

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    "...anomalous distribution of..."

    "an alternative model I've been toying with to explain the anomalous distribution of angular momentum with in our solar system."~lurch

    lurch, would you elaborate on this? or link me to an elaboration? :smile:
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    Well, I'm also interested in hearing that explanation. Actually the preferred model for formation of the solar system is the Nebular hypothesis. Condensed explanation of the hypothesis: you have a cloud of gas (the solar nebula) that is incited to collapse. What prompts it to collapse? Different mechanisms have been proposed, one of them is that the collapse is prompted by a shock wave from a supernova. Another proposed cause of collapse is that is incited by density waves. Another possibility is that the culprit was an stellar wind from a nearby star

    There were many controversies in the first years of the nebular hypothesis because it assigned more angular momentum to the Sun that the quantity that actually possess, but the theory was modified and the discrepancies disappeared
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