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Anonymous Email ?

  1. Apr 17, 2003 #1
    Occationally i received an empty email, without subject, no contents, no sender's email address!

    How to send out this type of email ?
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    There are programs that directly send the email to the SMTP server, therefore can specify any subject/sender name/sender email/date/time.
    I have seen one made in VB, it used subcalssing to deal with the SMTP.
    I will look for one online, and will put the link here if i find any ...
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    most of thos programs still send ur ip address

    the best way is to just get a free internet mail account from some web site

    if your really paranoid you could proxy into the web site before you log on to your email account
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    You can send email to SMTP servers yourself really easily: telnet to port 25 on the desired server

    Code (Text):
    HELO foo.com
    MAIL FROM: [email]sender@foo.com[/email]
    RCPT TO: [email]recipient@bar.com[/email]
    From: fromline
    To: toline
    Subject: sub

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