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Anonymous online psychological couseling.

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    I have a friend of infancy that I see perhaps twice a year and although his life is seemingly emotionally and socially stable, he has confided several times through the years that he suffers from a tremendous ineptitude to take action in his life, I don't know how to talk to him, how to give him advice or even what sort of advice should I give him.

    He is an extremely intelligent person which makes the more difficult, for me at least, to have a concise conversation with him and get to the bottom of his potential problem.

    He sometimes shares with me scattered paragraphs of writing that I think are absolutely phenomenal, and when I ask him if he has ever considered writing a book or about channeling his talent, he always replies that he's working on it, the thing is, I have known him for over 25 years and he has always used that same "excuse", he has a tremendous potential to achieve great things, yet he is working in a low paying job and just goes through the motions.

    Whenever I need advice for something, from a business to a certain technical problem, he always knows how to answer me and give great advice which always results on something positive.

    But he never actually produces anything for himself, we are talking about a person that has everything to be great at something, either from a creative endeavour to a business venture but never actually does anything in that direction, and from what I can gather, not because he is lazy or does not want to do it, but rather because, it seems to me, there is something limiting him in his mind.

    What sort of advice could I give a person such as this, is there a site or a forum that I could suggest him to get some potential help or advice in this regard?
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    If you really feel that he has a mental or emotional problem, tell him to seek professional help with a real life psychologist or psychiatrist. DO NOT refer him to some internet forum!!! There is no way someone on the internet can diagnose him. Seemingly harmless advice can cause serious problems.

    Even here we do not attempt to diagnose or give advice other than see a doctor.
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