Anonymous to attack DNS servers tomorrow?

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    I normally treat the "end of the world" stories in the media with a healthy dose of scepticism. I fully expect to wake up on 22-12-12, no problem for example. My own calender runs out every year and I have to buy a new one...

    However this story is being covered by SANS:

    Depending on your own level of scepticism, you might just want to ping your favourite websites to get the IP address if you plan on checking the news, weather (etc) and posts on Physics Forums ( tomorrow and the worst actually does happen.
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    What on earth would be the reason for this?
  4. Such a large scale attack being carried out like this is quite unlikely to succeed. I expect no change.

    For teh lulz
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    Anonymous is more socially aware than that. This would be worse for society than letting SOPA pass, so it would be contradictory for them to support it.
  6. To play devil's advocate for a moment, it's possible that they'd want to do this for exactly that reason. To give society a 'taste' of what it would be like if we let SOPA et al pass.

    ...Though, to be perfectly honest, I hope they have a little more sense than that. If it doesn't work (and let's be realistic, it most likely won't) people will point at Anonymous and say they're just a bunch of posers. If it *does* work, most people will only start hating them more. I know I will.
  7. Someone linked this regarding the same topic elsewhere...
  8. if anyone cares, 4chan happens to be down at the moment
  9. one: April fools joke

    two: Given the specifics of the plan were announced, if anything, I'd say it was more of a "Here's how the internet's infrastructure is potentially vulnerable, so secure it"
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