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Another Alphabet

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    Ain't there any color-alphabets were different color combinations are different letters, like with three colors, red, green and blue and every letter is a horizontal color triplett?
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    Just say no to drugs.
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    Or that every letter was a certain color. It would work you know..
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    Drugs are bad!
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    Might be pretty difficult for someone who is color blind to read. Are you running out of alphabets for a dissertation in math or something? One of my friends had to use about 4 different alphabets to write his dissertation, and I think was still looking for one more, just in case. To me, that was mind-boggling. How do you even keep track of that many symbols to remember what they all mean? :confused:
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    Sure, but what advantages would there be to that?
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    I think it's harder with symbols than collors for letters, cause there is more to put your eye on since its a filled figure and lesser people would need glasses(?).
    And i think there should be a color alphabet, cause it's possible to create and most people have the ability to see colors besides only humans would be able to read the texts (and birds, but they are not that smart), perhaps that is an advantage in the far future when we're at contact with other civilisations. Pitty there is no such alphabet
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    Morse and binary codes could easily be colors instead of dot, lines, blank, 0's and 1's. Perhaps people find it easier to buy a pair of glasses than to learn a new alphabet.

    The major disavantage for a color alphabet is probably the lack of devices as simple as pencils, chalks, and pens to write it down. Letter shapes can be written with the most rudimentary means and are quite independant of any technology or ressources, unlike a color alphabet would be. But you never know, solid applications might come around.
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    How about if instead of a color alphabet we use a sound one. Then you wouldn't even have to see something to read it. Like we could make A sound like...hmm..you know that sound at the beginning of the word apple or ant? We could make As sound like that.
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    my skull did not get it :rofl:

    It is more expensive and less efficient, should i carry my colored pen with me all the time, you know if i got lost in the dessert i will write SOS with my ...finger you know.

    Still, I think a global alphabet will be really good idea, but the Latin script has kind of diffulty in covering some sounds in other cultures , which are "letters" but we do not use, at least often when we make sounds to communicate :biggrin:
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    Though a tripod pen with the colors red green and blue could be constructed. That is actually a good idea anyway, but i guess similar inventions allready exist.
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