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Homework Help: Another angular velocity problem

  1. May 21, 2008 #1
    [SOLVED] another angular velocity problem

    A 170-lb wide reciever jumps vertically to catch a pass and is stationary at the instant he catches the ball. At the same instant he is hit at point p by a 180-lb linebacker moving horizontally at 15 ft/s. The wide recievers moment of inertia about his center of mass is 7 slig-ft^2. If you model the players as rigid bodies and assume the coeffcient of restitution is e=o. what is the wide recievers angular velocity immediately after the impact? Point p is 14-in below the wide reciever's center of mass.

    I know that since e=0. The players don't bounce off of each other. So they will combine to get a forward velocity of around 7.7 But after that I am lost.

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