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Another boiling point question

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    In the attachment, i think the answer is c). However c) has the same molecular weight as d) and they are both alcohols. Is it that c) is not symmetrical, thus more polar as compared to d) and which is why c) should have a higher boiling point due to the stronger intermolecular forces?

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    wow you're really racking up the questions. If you want the absolute answer, go to


    type up the formulas, all of the official data will be listed. Right now I'm thinking the butanol, however not quite sure; the only one which can particpate in reciprocating hydrogen bonding (each molecule accepts and donates) and has a significantly higher molecular mass (in reference to carbon chains).
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    Thanks, I was right. But not too sure bout my reasoning though...
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    do you have the answer to these questions? If so what was the answer to this question?
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    Nope, but i used chemfinder, and it was relevant to my answer, (mentioned in previous posts).
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    and your answer was...
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