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News Another Bush lie

  1. Oct 9, 2008 #1
    Bush has repeatedly stated that only suspected terrorist calls were being listened to by the NSA, apparently calls from American military personnel were also being monitored.


    Wall street has wrecked more financial havoc on this country than any terrorist attack could do. Yet the NSA was busy listening to phone sex between Americans.

    With the way Homeland security has been data mining the Internet and telecommunications, perhaps they should have been watching out for financial domestic terrorists in three piece suits.:mad:
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    And some people think "the terrorists" will win if we walk out on Iraq. :rolleyes:

    They won when the President's approval ratings shot up for no rational reason after 9/11. They won when that same irrational fever led Congress to side with this wildly popular President on travesties like the Patriot Act and the War resolution. They won when this same President could call upon these very acts perpetrated by the terrorists to win a second term in office. And they won when the people and their representatives caved in to a man that has overseen the broadest and deepest abuses from a number of different departments and offices within this Supreme Executive branch.
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    Or those "crazy Arab terrorists" are exceptionally intelligent, or we have to review who the terrorists really are..
    The US government, sadly, is just a puppet of those who control the market, the international bankers. Now the whole world is a hostage of the so called "Free Markets" and those who have more control over them, aaaaaaand the US people will have to pay for their robbery.
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    A vote for John McCain is a vote to empower terrorists. He has been blindly unwilling to deal with Al Qaeda where they are holed up, and concentrates on Iraqi insurgents instead, insisting that the US has to "win" Bush's war, though he cannot define what that victory might be. He is a tired old man who will use the threat of terrorism to continue and to expand the Bush/Rove/Cheney attacks on our personal freedoms. This is the way dictatorships are born.
  6. Oct 10, 2008 #5
    What makes you think that we will be safe from terrorists in a Obama adminstration? The Clinton administration failed to catch Bin Laden the first time he attacked the WTC, and as a result 9/11 occurred ; Not saying that Bush didn't have any responsibility for the ensuing attacks , because the Bush adminstration were given many warnings signs that indicated that there was going to be an attack on American Soil. Its stupid to put all the blame on one adminstration.
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    Terrorism is NOT a monolithic threat. It is a tactic that can be used by any number of groups for any number of purposes. No country will be safe from terrorism under any administration, and I never suggested that the US would be safe from terrorism under Obama, as you have suggested. If you want to pump up the terrorists, vote for the idiots who fail to acknowledge the root causes of terrorism, the fools that ignore the sponsors of terrorism, and the willfully ignorant who support foreign policies that give rise to the injustices that allow radical groups to gain power.
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    Neither of the prominent candidates realized the root causes of terrorism against the US. I will not vote for either candidates, because both candidates want to continue to sustain our global empire overseas even if we cannot afford to keep our american empire. It is are foreign policy that is the primary reason why terrorists have attacked our embassies abroad and attacked the US on 9/11, not our "secular Western culture". We continued to be entangled in the affairs of other countries, be prepared for more attacks against America; Want to continue to have the same foreign policy for the next 4 years, then vote for Obama or Mccain.
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    So.... you're saying the NSA and DHS should be investigating Wall Street?
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    You said:
    Benzoate misspoke. You didn't say we'd be safe under Obama, however that statement by you is clearly intended to imply that we would be safeer under Obama.
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    Good to hear from you again Russ!
    These must be hard times for you:smile:

    I think a vote for McCain will cause a lot of anger around the world which will probably lead to more terrorism. However this is pure speculation at this point. I think the merger of the republicans between fiscal conservatives and social conservatives with the latter given all the power over the past eight years may have come to an end. I guess rejecting science, logic, reason, morals, and fiscal responsibility does catch up with one after eight years. I think it is a good time for a time out for the GOP.
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    That right there is a good point. 'nuff said....

    except perhaps this point...

    Not to mention ...

    So where are the terrorist statistics? I bet there were more people killed by Spongebob in the US than terrorists.

    Ref: http://cafr1.com/Terror.html

    The hell with the 'terrorists', they mean nothing. They're nothing more than a complete waste of time and money, not to mention all the lives lost fighting in Iraq. Al Quida only deserves to be ignored.
  13. Oct 10, 2008 #12
    what makes you think we be more safer under obama as opposed under Mccain. Obama wants to continued to aid Israel and finance Israel's military, even though they have like the second largest military on the planet. Therefore , we become an unnecessary enemy of Pakistan and all of Israel's other enemies. Come on people! We've got to STOPPED voting for the lesser of the two evils, and start voting for a candidate who will follow the constitution and who genuinely will carry out and fullfill the obligations and demands of the American people just because we think those are the only two choices we have, when in reality there are alternative choices out there that are better than the two prominent candidates. Now I understand why 50 % of America does not vote
  14. Oct 10, 2008 #13
    Should be and should have been. It is a global economy all kinds of characters float around the markets. DHS was watching for a sneak torpedo attack while market sharks were chewing holes in the bottom of the boat.

    For ten $billion per year they could have put a few people in place to keep an eye on our financial stability.

    Its the old "not enough imagination" thing all over again.
  15. Oct 12, 2008 #14
    It's not lack of imagination, it's just complicity..
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