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Homework Help: Another Centre of Mass problem

  1. Nov 15, 2005 #1
    Hi, I must be doing something wrong...because i found this question wayyyy too easy.

    Two skaters, one with mass 65Kg and the other with mass 40Kg stand on the ice rink holding a pole 10 m long and a negligible mass. Starting from the ends of the pole, they pull themselves along the pole until they meet. How far does the 40Kg skater move?

    [tex]\frac{m2}{m1+m2} d[/tex]


    m2 travels : 10m - 3.8m

    m2 travels 6.2m

    Is it as easy as this?
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    Looks like it. Your other one was even easier :wink:
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    it just doesnt make sence...Our assignments are always difficult

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