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Another deminsions idea

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    First I called it an idea, not a theory. One might call it an hypothesis, though I do not think it is at that stage. I have posted it so someone who works on demminsions can help see it, maybe test it.

    To start off with, the string theory says that there must be 11 deminsions. I know this is only one, but I read it was the most excepted one.

    We have 4 deminsions. The first one is used to draw lines, the second is used to draw 2D pictures, the third is used to make 3D objects, the forth is the one that 'animates' these objects. Using one of the first three and the forth, it is possible to make a moving line.

    This part becomes hard, becuase i envision pictures. Envision a 3D graph, now put a sphere in it. Now envision a set of ten graphs, in which the sphere becomes a cube. The direction the graphs go in is the flow of time, or the 5th deminsion. If we have 2 deminsions to the 'flow of time', we can cause time to lope. The second deminsion of the 'flow of time' is 6th deminsion. Now just add a third deminsion so the 'flow of time' can not only loop, but move to a new 'time line'. This would be the 7th deminsion.

    As I said, this might be hard, because I cannot make you see what I see in my head.

    Now the idea for a 8th deminsion is the turning of the graph, so that it could form one of the special loops (the one with one twist, giving it one side that can be traced all the way around twice, I forgot its name :rofl: ). This idea for the 8th deminsion is way out there, but i tried to make the others ones make more sence, and when i have a better math and physics background, ill try to put math behind it. :smile:
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    This has been moved to theory development by someone else, I did not first post this in theory, for I do not considered it a theory, espesically after the last lecture i recieved on posting non theorys in the theory forum. So no fussing please.
    Thank you
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    A "mobius strip".

    You are to be commended for stretching your brain. It's exhilerating isn't it?
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    Wrong way of thinking

    I think that you are thinking about this in the wrong way. Remember that there are four dimensions of which we are aware of - the three dimensions of movement (planar movement in x, y and z) and time. String theory tells us that there are 11 dimensions, however. The best way to think of these extra dimensions is as circles wrapped up onto Calabi-Yau manifolds. We are not actually aware of these extra dimensions, even though they exist all around us. It is believed that it is the movement in these extra dimensions that gives electrons their charge.
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    If you exceed the speed of light relative to your starting point what are the implications.

    A rocket leaves Earth and reaches 80% the speed of light. A secondary rocket is launched from the first rocket. The second rocket goes 80% the speed of light relative to the first rocket. The second rocket is going 160% the speed of light relative to Earth.

    If this is possible and I see no reason it would not be since the second rocket never exceeds c relative to the first rocket what are the results?

    Light emitted from the rear of the second rocket travels at c relative to the second rocket. So it has to leave the second rocket at 260% the c. Quite a Blue Doppler effect.
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    You don't just add velocities when switching between frames in special relativity. The second rocket will still be moving at a speed less than c relative to earth because of length contraction and time dilation.
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    THANK YOU. That is what I claimed in class. They had you buzzing at 10 c. Claimed you could hit those speeds AND go back in time. I said how, they said you just over take the light from earth and you can see in the past. One word NUTS!!
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