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Another Dilemma

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    Ok, I'm a graduate student right now. Finishing up my project. I finished a rough draft, and now prepping up to complete the first draft.

    Once first draft is done (I'm guessing 3 weeks at most), then I submit to my supervisor, then he reads it, then I make corrections, he reads it again, fix tiny mistakes and complete is done. Then a presentation.

    Essentially, I'm almost done.

    But I am funded until August 30.

    My question is...

    Do you think they would let me work a full-time job before then?

    I don't mind if I have to pay back part of my funding. That's ok with me.

    What do you thin? Any experience with this?

    Note: I will be asking the Dean soon.
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    I haven't seen anyone run into a real problem with you starting a full time job before finishing. I've seen supervisors who strongly suggest that you finish first, because these things tend to drag out if you're not completely committed to finishing. And thesis corrections can take a long time - especially when you get requests to change the font in all of the 56 graphs in your thesis, multiple times, or to re-plot data that you took three years ago and forgot to label properly.
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    I'm sure you can finish it in a year part-time. Hardly a reason to turn down a good job offer.

    I talked to the Dean and he didn't suggest it either but the reasons are horrible. Same as yours. Yes, things are tedious and can take longer. If you do corrections once a week, you should be done in 52 weeks!

    In this hard economy, a job is important. I can't wait until I'm done and run the risk of going broke.

    Note: Rough draft should be completed by May 15. I wouldn't take a job start date before June 15. That gives me another month at full-time to complete all corrections. And if not done, just do corrections part-time. I should be DONE ALREADY. This is mathematics in number theory. I don't have graphs or tests or simulations.
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