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Homework Help: Another doozie

  1. Nov 13, 2011 #1

    Consider the one-dimensional, time-dependent wave function for infinite motion: (x,t) = Ae–a|x| e–it where A, a, and  are positive real constants. What are: (a) normalization constant A, (b) the quantum-mechanical expectation value of coordinate x, (c) the quantum-mechanical expectation value of x2, and (d) the quantum-mechanical expectation value of the square of momentum ^p2
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    They look like they are straightforward to integrate... what is your problem exactly?
    Do you not understand what a normalization constant is, or how to calculate it, or did you get stuck in the integration, or ... ?
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    I know how to normalize a funtion but i am getting stuck in the middle of it... we have never normalize somthing like this before all we have ever done was matrices, i am not very strong in this type of math
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    Please show your work, up to the part where you are stuck.
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