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Homework Help: Another Egg Drop Thread: Help Please

  1. Mar 14, 2005 #1
    I know there are several other "help, egg drop" threads in this forum, but my case if slightly different so here it is.

    I'm dropping an egg (free fall) from about twenty feet. The restrictions for the carrier are: (a) carrier must fit inside of the dimensions of a 2.5 inch cube, (b) together with the egg it must be under 150 grams, and (c) half of the egg must be exposed when it is inside the carrier.

    We can use any kind of material we want, we just can't have fancy parachutes or other braking devices on the carrier.

    The dimension restriction is the most annoying part that gets me every time with a new design. Do you know of any carrier designs that will be under 2.5 inches in height?

    Also, is there a big difference between dropping an egg upright or laid on its side?

    Here's my most successful carrier yet: http://corea2k.com/blog/wp-images/egg_carrier_1.jpg [Broken]

    The thing is, though, it bounces back up upon impact and cracks the top of the egg. I tried putting quarters as weights on the bottom and that makes the bottom of the egg crack.

    If you have any insight on this problem, please help.
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    Well, if the top only needs to be visible, then you could take some small sticks of wood or something and place them in the corners, with the straws. Then, when it flips over the top of the egg won't hit the ground.
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