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Another ET thought exp (creation rant?)

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    I wonder, Why is it so easy to imagine simple ETs, but so difficult to accept God(s) or God ETs as having been here before creating us and leaving. Of course this leads us to who or what created the ETs! If they were as dull as us, (in brainpower, relative size, etc.) and had near light speed technology (forget folding space time etc, that will come later) they could still pull off the God thing with us. Just sllloooowly cruise to earth at 99 whatever% c, change some goo around and leave! Come back at the same or faster fraction of light tailored speed, and they have a manipulated life form.

    I could say that an optimized similar humanoid race just 500 years more advanced than we, would be God like. Don't even try to think about 1 or more billions (did Carl Sagen really say billions and billions of stars? NO! J. Carson the talk show host did!) of years more advanced, it just gets silly, but interesting!... .We as humans are sooo good at, will keep striving reaching, and weeping for the stars and the TOE. I wouldn't want it any other way. Merlin
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    Making up gods and aliens is not hard at all. Every two-bit tribe has a bunch of gods that its neighboring tribes can't see for sour apples because they have their own bunch. And you can't throw a stone in El Cajon California without hitting someone with some particular alien guru.

    What's difficult is squaring any of this with science. With sitting down before a fact like a little child. Fantasy beings just dry up and blow away in the clear air of rational investigation.
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    In my point of view i find it hard to accept that ET's are comming to earth often, just because of the distances involved. Even if thess aliens were traveling at 99% the speed of light then it would still take then a hell of a long time to get here, hundreds possibly thousands of years. So i don't think they would be here if they were only that advanced. But sure if there are much more advanced ET's with space wars, vacations on different and distance planets, and alcohol harvested from nebula's, then yeah im pretty sure they can act like God all they want, the only problem would be that there would be too many God's at once :smile:
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    Because there's no conclusive evidence of aliens having visited Earth. (But Mentor Ivan would be glad to show you the evidence that is being considered.)

    But they would not be able to break the laws of physics like God could. But yes, a technology unknown to us could appear as such.

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